Rajeev Circle is an unusual community of friends and family of late Stanford Professor Rajeev Motwani and his wife Asha Jadeja. The group came together in 2009 following a tragic accident, to which they lost Rajeev. Driven by the intensity of this sudden loss and a dogged resolve to protect and nurture the ethos of what Rajeev embodied as a father figure of Silicon Valley – an incomprehensible capacity to give of himself in ways that has changed the destiny of our planet.

This tight knit circle of friends and family volunteered their time to try and minimize the impact of the void left behind by Rajeev. From taking on Rajeev’s PhD students, to helping Asha and their young family, to picking up where Rajeev might have left his favorite theorem. Through this time of incredible love and loss, a community emerged in the Valley that only a genuine giving of self can create.

This group is now about 400 strong, woven together by a fabric of unprecedented emotional and intellectual intensity. The Rajeev Circle includes students and faculty from Stanford and UC Berkeley, Googlers (Rajeev’s algorithmic baby), Asha and Rajeev’s startup founders, friends from their Grad School days, Rajeev’s IIT Kanpur buddies, his rock band, his enormous network of ex PhD students (who now form the core of theoretical computer science faculty at top US universities), and extended family members.

The group meets routinely to maintain the essence of Rajeev’s legacy and work through mentorship of young entrepreneurs and start-ups in the Valley.